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The reason for G-LEGEND is said to delivery health of VIP stores and luxury shops

When saying the downtown area where an eminent club is here in Tokyo, I have that with Shinjuku, Shibuya, Akasaka, Roppongi, Ikebukuro, Gotanda, Ebisu, Shiodome, Aoyama and Nipponbashi, but if also saying Tokyo one at the inside, the best of Japan downtown area will be Ginza.

Shop beauty of the 30-year-old from the 20-year-old was selected in such a Japan customer has registered a large number is the G-LEGEND.

Our cast is just amateur girl. Girls will or a beauty shop of staff to the massage of beauty and girls who are through to the OL and the famous University of leading companies.
She're in but some experience, such as fashion models and sexy talent. Please preeminent style of Ginza, it is also the club carefully selected the best companion of the high-class is the image of a visit to your room.

Will this shop may be beyond description what the other without saying a luxury store. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or LINE ask you to browse our shop of the cast list page.



60 min
22,000 yen
70 min
26,000 yen
80 min
30,000 yen
90 min
33,000 yen
100 min
37,000 yen
110 minutes later, click here

Extension 15 min
7,500 yen
Extension 30 min
15,000 yen
Extension 45 min
22,500 yen
Extension 60 min
30,000 yen

2,000 yen
Repeat designation
3,000 yen
Change charge
0 yen
Cancellation charge
2,000 yen+ Transportation cost

※ 10 hours or more courses will be the course of the members-only. And it will be limited to a double or twin room available's City Hotel.
※ 10 hour course Customers can play start before 21:00 will be subject.
※ Who accepted hope before business hours in the member is also possible before the 16:00 only reservation.

※ We ask you to E-mail in the sure state to be notified.
Please note that customers using the e-mail address or LINE ID do not know absolutely is not possible.

Available price

Free Introduction:Course price + Transportation cost
In the case of Designate:Course Price + Transportation Cost + Designate Price (Designate or Repeat designation)


In case of the first cast you chose from a picture of the home page.

Repeat designation

When the cast which you have met once was chosen.

Change charge

※ We will accept the girl of change. Change will be taken up to once. Direct, please tell us a girl.
If the girl you guidance for the second time also type a different, and you will get a cancellation fee.
In the case of guidance is free, it is not possible to
receive your change. Please acknowledge it beforehand. Transportation expenses change in the free area, you will be subtracted from the usage fee of the next
woman will be entrusted ¥2,000.
Your burden amount by change¥0(Deduction allowed only month of the guidance)
Change in transportation costs paid region, we will be subtracted not from usage fee of the next girl and let me take your transportation expenses +¥2,000.
Your burden amount by change¥0(Deduction allowed only month of the guidance)
Change Price ¥2,000 (Real ¥0)

Cancellation charge

※ Cancel prior to meet girls and you are becoming free.
Convenience and of your work, thank you to contact us by steep If you have any change of plans call.
Cancellation after the meet girl and Contact
Cancellation of a regional transportation expenses free, you pay the ¥2,000 as a cancellation fee.
Change in transportation costs paid area, you pay the transportation expenses + ¥2,000 as a cancellation fee. Cancellation fee of ¥2,000

The customer using a credit card

Please be sure to offer the time of a reception desk the customer using a credit card.

Handling credit company

VISA, MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS, I'll make it only 3 brands.

Transportation cost

Chuo-ku, Minato-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Shinagawa-ku
0 yen
Koto-ku, Sumida-ku, Shibuya-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Bunkyo-ku, Taito-ku
2,000 yen
Meguro-ku, Ota-ku
3,000 yen
Otherwise 23 wards
5,000 yen

Flow of use

When the use date and time are conventional, when we'll handle your reservation beforehand, smoother guidance is possible.
Reservation from you, please LINE or booking form.
・Please contact today reservation from you in LINE.
・When you contact me by the email of the mobile phone, you allow you to receive the email from the PC which I send.

From G-LEGEND, it has received an invitation of free calls, free e-mail app "LINE".

▼LINE application download is this.<

Please install LINE in a smart phone terminal, click this, add the G-LEGEND to the friend and use it.
The next, you click this again and start LINE and choose the G-LEGEND among a friend, and please tap a toque.
The customer reading from a PC, the above QR Code, by smart phone, it's read, please do and use it.

Please tell the visitor of the reservation the following information.
1.Name “The visitor of the hotel is a check-in name”
2.Use schedule place
3.Request lady
4.Request date
5.Request arrival time
6.Request course time


If there is a photo designate
Please tell me the specification of the cast.


If not specified
If you would like to guide you in your favorite type
It will be, I will inform the type of your choice with the guidance of the specified type of cast. This does not take the case nomination fee.

If you would like the guidance of a hurry
A cast that can guide you to that your time will tell in the early order of your time.

If you would like guidance in Random
It is completely the case of a specialist to examine here will guide you in the cast of this event of the day.


Location of your usage, please tell me the desired time you would like to meet you.
In the case of hotels, hotel name, room number, your name at the time of check-in, please tell me the e-mail address (LINE-ID).
Use of at home, please let us know your address, your name, e-mail address (LINE-ID).

※Dear our members
The Personal Information Protection Act, contact telephone number in our shop to be the personal information, copy of your address, etc. we are allowed to withhold.
I hear many times, but please understand that.


You will be notified by e-mail or LINE from our shop.


Scheduled time from your play, I will ask you, but the time change since I saw the cast is possible.
※Due to reservations of the reason, there might be additional time is unreasonable.


Our shop is let me take a deposit system.
Please de prepaid When you decide your usage time.
lease let me know by e-mail If at the time of payment of the credit card.

※The timing of the start of shower
Your shower will go along with the cast.
Even take a shower in one person, it will be entered with the cast again.


Cast of the alarm will sound slightly before the end of your play time.
Please enjoy time to that leisurely.


The extension from 15 minutes is also possible by play time.
※Due to reservations of the reason, there might be additional time is unreasonable.

Term of service

※Our store is a new Act to Control Business which may Affect Public Morals report finished shop.

When the following event occurred, a cast will suspend service immediately and goes home.
There is no refund of the charge in that case.
Understanding for us, please.

・I prohibit negotiations and a demand of SEX. Please do not require SEX and is not included in service contents. I prohibit the price negotiation.
・We do not offer our service to the dirty person. I doubt sexual disease and that I have STD. In addition, a cleanliness degree has top priority. We cannot contribute our service to the person to resist in taking the shower before bathing and the service.
・I do not offer our service to drinking and the drug user. The massage after the drinking is not safe in large quantities. We do not accept the user of the illegal drug. In this case we stop service immediately. I do not refund the charge. In addition, the drug user notifies the law enforcement authority. I would like understanding to us.
・Drunk and Disorderly, Recreational drug user are not accepted. Massage after heavy drinking is unsafe. We do not accept illegal drug user. If such cases occur we will stop the session immediately and no refund will be given. Also we will inform police authorities. Please give us your understanding.
・To request, demand and negotiate to have sexual intercourse are prohibited. Please do not request for an act that is not in the service content nor conduct price negotiation.
・Please do not stop our girl even after the session is over. Our session time begin to count when the girl enter the room and end when the girl leave the room.
・After service was over, please do not detain our girl either. It is before I go out of the room after a girl entered the room at our service time.
・If you have an unpleasant act to cast.

Reservation Form

Important Points

① Information from customers is, for the purposes of the non-reservation management will not be available at all.
② Reservation I have heard from a week ago.
③ On the day of your reservation will be accepted by e-mail and LINE.
④ Customers booking on mobile e-mail, please be sure the domain cancellation.
⑤ Please confirm your reservation the day always reserved by e-mail or LINE. If the contact from you is not to cancel the reservation.
⑥ We may not be able to guide you through the cast of hope by the cast of poor health, and the like.
⑦ Please email any questions regarding other reservations.

※ Reservations by e-mail form is becoming all the items fill out required.